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Blomfield Art captures precious moments in ink, bringing something different to corporates, government departments, sports teams, publications, and personal events and functions.

For live events and functions, Darren delivers excellent entertainment whatever your venue – think vineyards, sports stadiums, leisure destinations, or even at sea on a chartered yacht – his studio is wherever you are.

Based in the beautiful Waitakere Ranges, Darren Blomfield is proud to bring his cartooning magic to New Zealand and further afield.

Live Cartooning:
  • Corporate Events (Great marketing tool for your next function, trade show or VIP event)
  • Weddings ( A range of Packages and even an e-book)
  • Live Murals
Commissions (Cartoons and Illustrations):
  • Themed Montage cartoons of your special occasion or celebration ( From your photos and with a themed background)
  • Printed Canvas Art Piece (Couriered to you anywhere in the world
  • Your Car, your baby, your dog  – its up to you
Commercial application:
  • Customised Logo Icons and Characters
  • Story boards
  • Logo Icons
  • HR cartoons
  • Staff Cartoons

For the large corporate or small intimate event – Blomfield makes it memorable with your logo or message printed in the corner.

Cartoon vs. Illustration

Blomfield receives many different commission briefs and some require a specific style. It is important to understand the difference between an illustration and a cartoon.

A cartoon uses bolder and simpler lines, exaggerating in a humorous way features and proportions.

An illustration is a more realistic rendering but with course line work and is particularly relevant to commercial jobs (eg. logos, icons, corporate characters)

Live caricatures

When doing live caricatures, Darren engages with each person to make them feel comfortable sharing more about themselves. Darren asks each person to talk about their interests, their loves and the places that are the most special to them. When sharing these details, something beautiful and candid happens – people’s eyes light up, and their face breaks into a genuine smile. Darren highlights and exaggerates these unique facial characteristics – the laughter lines, the dominant features and the personalities behind them – forever captured in ink. 

Montage cartoons & commissioned pieces

By collecting anecdotes and photos of a person, group or family, Darren can create one-of-a-kind montage cartoons of your teammates or loved ones. Share with Darren the interests, the special moments, and the significant belongings and places that make up the people you want cartooned, and Darren will do the rest.
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We can cater our services depending on what you’re looking for, and we invite you to get in touch for more info and for a free quote.

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