Charles Blomfield – The Legacy Continued

There is so much history in my family that relates to what I do and has shaped me into who I am today. Being a published cartoonist is a dream I have had since I was a young teenager. I am a strong believer in following what drives you.  Art and the ability to create is what keeps me passionate about life (alongside my family and my faith). Answering your calling is always a scary process and there will always be times when obstacles seem too big to conquer. What keeps me driven is the constant support and knowledge that this is in my blood. It is my true self.

There is something so humbling to be able to follow in the footsteps of one of my relatives. Charles Blomfield lived an extraordinary life and for me it is an honor to recall these adventures with exerts from Muriel Williams biography  ‘ Charles Blomfield, His life and times’.

Here is a extract from the text written by M. Williams.

“Charles Blomfield is known to many as the painter of the Pink and White Terraces of New Zealand’s thermal region, the extraordinary formations of siliceous rock once hailed as the Eighth Wonder of the World. The destruction of these terraces in the 1886 eruption of nearby Mount Tarawera led to the sudden rise in importance of all representations of them; and Blomfield’s terrace paintings, because they were among the most beautiful ever done, and were perhaps the most faithful to their subject, shot to instant fame.”

Anyone who has studied New Zealand history at school will have heard of the Pink and White Terraces and their marvelous beauty. To be a descendant of an artist who can capture their unique characteristics back when there were no roads, direct travelling paths, the constant awareness of danger (as this was at the end of the Maori wars) and no lights other than natural daylight to aid in actual viewing of the terraces, is so amazing.