The Blomfield Legacy

Something incredible was brought to my attention recently.

Burning Desire

Have you ever had a burning desire or passion that runs so deep it would [...]

The Blomfield Published Cartoonist’s Legacy

Following on from my previous post, I have had some time to reflect on the [...]

My Own Style Of Art

This is where the story starts to take a turn and fit quite nicely into [...]

Charles Blomfield Pink Terraces Fame

Continuing our journey, following Charles Blomfield in his ventures and artistic endeavors, we now get [...]

The Gold Rush Movement

During the early settlement years in New Zealand, the era of the Gold Rush movement [...]

Charles Blomfield – The Legacy

History is one of those fickle things that is like a constant reminder of how [...]

Charles Blomfield – The Legacy Continued

There is so much history in my family that relates to what I do and [...]