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Darren Blomfield – Creative, Cartoonist

Based in Auckland New Zealand, Darren Blomfield has been continuing generations of Blomfield Artist heritage. He frequents local and corporate events, drawing caricatures. He transforms important events and people on canvas. His drawings are quirky representations of their originals, hand-drawn one-off illustrations that are as unique as people’s features.

He has the privilege of having worked with great Kiwi Companies: Telecom, Telstra, NYZ Expo and more.

Give the gift of fun and laughter to your workers, friends, or family with personalised caricatures. They are perfect for capturing timeless moments that people can refer back to years from now!


About time someone inked your face!

Caricatures are ideal for any type of event! You’ll be hiring an artist with years of experience that describes himself as a bottomless glass of energy. Darren sure is the perfect fit for your next gathering.

When doing caricatures, caricaturist Darren engages with the people being drawn. Each person will be asked to talk more about themselves, about what they like and what places they love the most. People’s facial characteristics will then be captured and exaggerated in ink before topping (or actually bottoming) it all of with a tiny body.

The caricaturist will also be open to other requests for what is to be included in the drawing. A boat? A hacksaw? Someone else’s footpath? The options are limitless!

Cartoon Caricatures for Corporate Parties

Caricaturists are roving performers for parties, functions and corporate events. Why not break the elephant in the room with a few party-goers who’ve gone modeling? Darren’s clipboard will always be ready. These personalised cartoons make a great souvenir for your guests to take home.

Caricatures by a live caricaturist (cartoonist) is always a great entertainment option. Darren is a talented artist that can draw live caricatures at corporate events, parties, product launches and exhibitions.

It’s like getting your own product placement opportunity in your favourite 90s sitcom, you can opt for paper pre-printed with details of the event, including any company logos, wedding details etc… the caricature becomes a highly effective PR tool and very frame-able souvenir.

So next time you are having a party or event and want something a little different during cocktail hour, hire an ice-breaker that equips himself with a pencil.

Watch Darren in action below…

Words from the Cartoonist

Creativity is a critical part of what I do. I have always been interested in design and illustration right from my time as a kid at school. But really drawing is in my blood. I come from five generations of artists and three generations of cartoonists. The long line of Blomfield artists that I am descended from has influenced my style significantly. My work is very similar to that of my Great Grandfather J.C. Blomfield who was a cartoonist for the Observer in Wellington from the 1870s to the 1920s. It is also similar to William Blomfield (BLO) who was a cartoonist for the Auckland Star in 1920s.

I learnt to draw on my Grandfather’s knee and I always wanted to draw and design for a living as I was growing up. Out of school I became a junior designer in a small agency. I always loved creating a design from a brief. I thrive on this process. I became a senior manager then art director as I began to work on packaging. But design is the key and it fuels me.

D. Blomfield

Continuing the Blomfield family legacy of cartoonists


Darren’s been busy with…




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