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Darren Blomfield – Creative, cartoonist, Live Artist

Blomfield Art elevates any personal and corporate event into an interactive, fun and moving experience through live cartooning. Quirky representations of their originals, each Blomfield caricature is as unique as the person portrayed, making beautiful, one-of-a-kind gifts.

Darren Blomfield is the performer, maker, live cartoonist and heart and soul of Blomfield Art. Based in the Waitakere Ranges of Auckland, New Zealand, Darren continues the notable legacy of Blomfield artists – a legacy dating back to the mid-19th century.

Delight your guests as they watch an artist at work and revel in the unique opportunity to take home a hand-crafted drawing from a published cartoonist. Check out some of Darren’s works on Times.

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Ever imagined yourself in cartoon form? Let’s do this!

Have you ever seen a clever caricature in print and wondered how you would look?

When you hire Darren as a live cartoonist, you’re getting an artist with years of experience and a bottomless glass of energy. That’s what makes Darren the perfect fit for your next family gathering, sports team celebration, wedding or corporate function. His cartoons are plucky celebrations of people and their idiosyncrasies.


Looking to surprise a special someone with a unique gift?

Blomfield Art is not all about live event cartooning. Darren can also create a montage cartoon unique for you or your loved ones. The beauty of a montage cartoon is that it goes far beyond a single photograph, as it’s not limited to one place or time. If you want a gift that captures the essence of your loved ones, and has fun with it as well, a commissioned piece is perfect. 

Spoil your loved one with a hand-crafted collection of their story – their most precious moments, people and passions are forever captured in ink.

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Famous in New Zealand

Darren Blomfield had the honour of cartooning the cover of NZ Artist Magazine with a great article published in the Fine Arts Scene.

International Fame for Blomfield

In 2021, Blomfield was invited, selected and chosen for the 2021 World Humour Awards in Italy. 250 Cartoonists were chosen from around the world for this catalogue and global exposure.

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Blomfield the Published Cartoonist

Blomfield continues the Blomfield legacy of Published Cartoonists for The Times

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Some of our clients

Corporate Functions

Looking for great entertainment and a different type of ice breaker at your next function? Caricatures by a live cartoonist is always a great option.  

Darren is a talented artist that can draw cartoons live at corporate events, parties, product launches and exhibitions. Darren’s clipboard will always be ready. These personalised cartoons make an attractive souvenir for your guests to take home.  

The caricature becomes a highly effective PR tool and very frame-able souvenir. You can opt for paper pre-printed with details of the event, including any company logos, wedding details, and more.     

So next time you are having a party or event, and want something a little different during cocktail hour, hire an icebreaker that comes complete with a pen, paper and stacks of creativity. 

Urban wearable art and book illustrations

You can also commission Darren to create urban wearable art or illustrate your book.

Spend some time browsing Blomfield Art’s videos and gallery to see the talent and passion in Darren’s work. Because to create is to live.  

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